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Related post: Date: Fri, 17 Mar teen tryout auditions porn 2006 10:35:25 EST From: Subject: Pablo's Story part 11This is a homosexual fantasy and as such will contain unprotected sex, which, in this day and age is unwise to say the least; but it is a fantasy. If it is illegal for you to read such material, for any reason, please leave now. I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who has emailed me regarding this and my other _www.nifty.org_ ( stories, (go to Prolific Authors and look under INSILVA). Feedback from readers is heart-warming, and encourages me to write more, thanks. The weekend went quickly, every time I wanked off, which was often, I used the vibrating dildo up my bum and sucked on another, imagining that I was back in Mr. Cohen's with Jomo and Marcel. Jomo's black cock fucking my throat and Marcel's 9 inch, massive knobbed cock fucking my boy-hole. Although I was still in love with teen hitchiker porn the image I had of Leonel, for the moment they were homemade teen porn photography more real to me. My Father was away as usual, he wouldn't even be home to see me off. On Tuesday my Mother took Rose and me free porn teen porn out to lunch as my birthday treat, I was allowed to wear my new suit, and I took the precaution teen creampie porn portal net teen porn listngs of wearing my Speedos. The driver ultimate hot teen porn was new to me, and hentai teen titans porn Rose told me he'd just started as a replacement for Tomas who was off sick, his name was Juan a great-nephew of Tomas. He was in his thirties, nicely built with a swarthy complexion, and good-looking in a rugged sort of way. His long black hair was pulled back into a pony-tail. We went to a fairly upmarket restaurant where the food was excellent, but what pleased me the most was that all budapest teen porn the waiters were young, attractive men. The restaurant was fairly quiet and our waiter, a handsome native guy in his early twenties, only had our table to serve. He kept smiling at me and once, when I dropped my napkin he groped me as he replaced it on my lap. My cock, which was half hard anyway, stiffened instantly. I blushed, but looked up at him and smiled tentatively, he smiled back and winked. How he knew I liked that sort of thing I didn't know. free porn pussy teen It was very warm in the restaurant and when I stood up and removed my jacket he hurried over to take it from teen slut tgp me, managing underaged teen porn pics to surreptitiously fondle my right arse cheek as he did so. I felt a gay teen pix tingle in my throbbing cock and shivered slightly.We'd reality teen porn just been served a portion of my birthday cake when two friends of teen blowjob auditions my Mother's joined our table and I was almost forgotten as they chatted away. I took the opportunity free pretty teen porn to excuse myself to use the bathroom. As I headed for it, our waiter whispered something to another waiter and followed me into the passage. Just before I reached the bathroom door deuschtes teen porn he put his arm on my shoulder and stopped me, whispering in my ear and pointing to another door beyond the bathroom door. "In there." He unlocked the door, which was teen titans sex porn signed STOREROOM, and pulled me inside locking the door behind him. He wasted no time in unzipping his flies and pulling out his old man fucks teen stiffening uncut torpedo shaped cock, and then he pushed my head towards it. "Suck me off," he ordered in a gruff whisper, " we haven't got long, so hurry up." I didn't need telling twice and bent over and asian teen porn stars swallowed his cock, managing to take it down my throat after gagging just once. He was trying hard to suppress black porn teen pictures his moans as my throat muscles started to masturbate his rapidly stiffening cock. It must have been 7 inches long when fully hard and averagely thick. He reached down and unzipped my pants then pulled my Speedos down to haul out my precum dripping virgin teen girl porn stiff cock. "Mm," he whispered as he squeezed it and uncovered my knob, "not teen cumshots a very long cock for a 16 year old, but it's certainly extra six teen nudes thick and very juicy." Then he began to quickly wank it putting his other hand free nude teen webcam onto the back of my head forcing his cock further down my throat. I think it was the excitement of doing it in a public place with my Mother nearby but in no time at teen photos porn all I felt my orgasm building as he continued to roughly wank porn teen sites teen porn drunk rape my cock. I increased my sucking and got a couple of fingers around his shaft and started wanking that. I don't know who shot first, but soon my mouth was flooded with hot mancum and my cock was shooting jets of boycum onto the floor. I pulled my head quickly back until his knob was in my mouth and started to swallow his spunk relishing the taste. When we'd both free teen xxx photos finished cumming I licked his cock clean and was pleasantly surprised when he leaned over, peeled my foreskin back and licked and sucked my cock until it was clean too; of course it stayed stiff. As he dressed I stuffed it back into my Speedos and did up my flies; thankfully there was no spunk free gay teens on my clothes. He unlocked the door, kissed me briefly on the mouth, opened the door, and hissed. "You go first, and thanks." I made my way back to our table and sat down. I don't think my Mother had even noticed I'd gone, but Rose looked concerned as she spoke. "Are you all right asia teen porn Paul? You look a bit flushed." "I'm O.K." I teen sex movs told her haltingly. "It's very warm in here, and I think the cake was a bit too rich adolescent teen porn for me." I poured myself a glass of water and drank teen gay galleries it so as to emphasise the point. Just then my Father's Personal Assistant, an Englishman of around 50, arrived and presented me with a box teen fucking porn which contained a small gold St. Christopher. He explained it was my Birthday gift from flirty teen girl porn my Father. I thanked him and asked if my Father had bought it himself, he actually blushed when he told me no, and that one of the Secretaries had chosen it. We finished lunch, teen poop porn the waiter managing to grope my arse cheeks as he helped me on with my jacket, and drove home. I changed out of red head teen porn my suit, best teen porn images but before I put my usual shirt and pants on I worked the vibrating dildo up my boyhole, asian teen xxx pics turned it to full speed and had a long slow wank thinking about the waiter's tasty cock. Tuesday night after dinner I packed my new clothes and Speedos on top of Leonel's photos, the vibrating dildo, a slightly bigger dildo, and a butt-plug along with my enema equipment. There was still plenty of room so I filled it with some of my favourite books. Even though I fucked myself silly on the graduated balls dildo, cumming 6 times and making my arse ache, I hardly slept at all. In the morning after showering I dressed in my usual shirt and pants after inserting the smallest butt-plug up my free teen porn archives boy-hole and putting on a loincloth for comfort while travelling. The car would be the oldest, and had no air-conditioning. At breakfast my Mother told me that Consuela would be chaperoning me, it should have been Maria del Carmen, but she'd come down with a bug and Consuela was the only maid she thought old enough and sensible enough. We were to drive to the border anime teen porn and stay the night in a hotel teen porn trailers on free arizona teen porn whichever side of the border depending on how far porn teen model we'd sex teens got. Consuela would deal with all the bills. Then the next day we were to drive to B*****, arriving at my relatives hairy nude teens house around two in the afternoon. I finished my breakfast, kissed my Mother on the forums pic teen porn cheek and went out to the car. Rose was waiting for me on the steps, she hugged me, kissed me and teen porn pic told me teen porn starscom to telephone when I arrived. Juan had fetched my suitcase down and was just putting it in the boot, then he opened rough teen sex the back door and I climbed in. Consuela was sat in front next to a large hamper, and she greeted me with a warm "Good Morning, Master Paul." I settled back and off we drove. I'd been right not to wear the Speedos it was very hot in the car even with the window open. erotic teen porn After ten minutes or so Consuela took a vacuum flask and a glass from the hamper and filled the glass with what looked like home-made cutie teen porn lemonade. She opened teen sister brother sex the dividing window and passed it to me telling me it would cool me down. free porn world teen It was ice-cold and delicious and I finished it quickly, passing hot teen pussy porn the glass back to Consuela who poured me another one. This one I sipped slowly. I happened to glance into the driver's mirror to catch Juan staring at me, but he immediately teen titans cartoon sex turned his eyes back to the road, his expression had been weird. I finished my lemonade and lay back, I was drifting off to sleep. When I awoke I immediately realised that something was wrong. I was teen titty fucking porn in a darkened room and lying on a double bed with just a thin sheet over me. I was also naked! I noticed the shape of someone sitting at the foot of the bed and I sat bolt upright, clutching the sheet gay teen porn free to me. "Where am I?" I half shouted, half squeaked. "Hush, hush, Paul," a kindly deep voice replied, "you're quite safe, nobody' s going to hurt you. I'll just open the curtains and give us some light." The figure rose, went to the window and drew back the curtains. free porn teen sites Strong sunlight flooded the room, the man, who was dressed in a white shirt and cotton trousers, had his back to me, then he turned. I gasped and stammered in astonishment as my brain added 10 years teen homemade porn to the face in the photos. "Leonel? Is it really you?" "You recognise me then?" he chuckled, a broad smile splitting his handsome face. I didn't answer I threw the bed sheet bad teen porn off and ran to him. Throwing my arms around him I buried my face in his teen porn art shirt. "I knew I'd find you." I sobbed into his chest. "I've been in love with you for ages, ever since I found your photos. But where have you been? And teen online porn videos why sex teen porn am I here?" "Hush, hush my munecito (literally little doll) I best teen porn offer will explain everything." Leonel sat down on a nearby armchair and pulled my naked body onto his lap. Then he proceeded to tell chinse teen porn me his history. When he was 12 and his farther had died, Senor Lopez had olga teen russian porn taken him in. He'd been bikini teen porn well looked after and educated. Within a week S. Lopez had also brought Elias, a 13 year old orphan, to the house as a school mate and playmate for Leonel. They were in my room and teen sex vid shared the double bed. Leonel had been producing spunk for three months and within another week they were having sex together, Leonel having instigated it, Elias a very willing partner. They quickly fell in minnesota teen porn love and became inseparable. One morning S. Lopez had caught them naughty teen porn in the middle of a 69. They were both terrified, but S. Lopez told them to carry best teen porn movies on, he believed it was healthy for young boys to have sex he told them, and he was going to teen latina porn pics observe to see that they were doing things correctly. They didn't know what to say, but he was their provider and they were both so worked up they carried on until they'd both filled each others mouths with sweet boy cum. S. Lopez had applauded them asian teen girls xxx and told them to get ready for lessons. Then he'd paused young nude teen and asked if they could save all their spunk and not cum until he'd come to their bedroom cartoon teen porn pics tomorrow morning, a Friday, a non-school day. They quickly agreed not wanting to offend him, so they spent white free teen porn the rest of the day and night trying hard not to have sex. They managed it, but when they awoke on Friday morning they both had raging hard-ons, and were both desperate to cum, whatever the consequences. They were just about to free teen brazil porn 69 and to hell with S. Lopez when the door opened and in he teen sex forum walked. He told them to go ahead and 69, but he wanted them to shoot over each other's faces and then lick it off. Knowing that S. Lopez was watching gave them an teen porn forums extra buzz, and they started an energetic 69. They'd had lots of practice at cumming teen porn and sex together and in 3 minutes they'd pulled their stiff cocks out of their mouths drenching each other' s faces in their porn horse teen movies hot boycum. They turned to S. Lopez for approval, his face was beaming and he urged them to lick their faces clean, which they did, as they' d done many times before. They knew S. Lopez liked hot teens getting fucked it; his stiff teen gyno porn cock was tenting his trousers. When they'd licked up all the boycum they turned back to S. Lopez their young boy cocks still stiff. He asked them to lie side by side and wank each other off. They were happy to comply, and having an adult watch and encourage them was turning them both on. As they wanked each other they also started kissing so they didn't notice S. Lopez stripping until he came up and knelt between their legs at the bottom of teen girl porn blogs their bed. They stopped wanking each other, just holding each other's little-boy cocks and stared in wonder at the thick 9 inch cut cock S. Lopez was holding. Neither of them had seen a man's hard cock before and they latin teen nude porn couldn't believe how asian teens nude long and thick it was compared with their own. They also stared in wonder at the mass of crinkly black pubic hair surrounding his heavy balls and big cock. Leonel hadn't sprouted any hair yet and Elias only had a sprinkling above filipino porn teen his cock. Both the lads' ball bags were also hairless, as were their arse cracks. S. Lopez urged them to carry on wanking and told them he was going to join in, and he asked them to let him know when they were going to cum. They were fascinated by his cock and wanted to see it shoot so they started tossing each other again. They were well in tune with each other and when Elias gasped that he was about to cum, Lionel was only seconds behind him. As their thin boycum shot from their cocks splattering onto their heaving little bellies S. Lopez gave a loud groan and they watched transfixed as his big cock spewed our rope after rope of thick man cum covering their legs, feet, and the sheet beneath them. When S. Lopez came round he looked at the boys' cum drenched bodies and asked them to lick themselves clean. Hesitantly they licked their own boycum off their bellies and hands, and then, tentatively Leonel licked at Elias's legs. S. Lopez's cum tasted much stronger than Elias's or his own, but Leonel liked the taste and he was soon lapping away in earnest at Elias's feet as well. Not to be outdone Elias started lapping at Leonel's sticky legs teen porn site se and he too liked the taste of S. Lopez's cum and soon had Leonel's legs clean and worlds greatest teen porn started on his feet. When they'd finished S. Lopez told them to move down the bed and clean his softening cock. There was no hesitation this time, and positioning themselves on either side they took asion teen porn it in turns to lick the shaft or take the high resolution teen porn big knob into their little-boy mouths, sucking and licking until it was drained and shiny clean. When they discussed it later they agreed that "doing stuff" with S. Lopez was sexy and fun, but it didn't alter their feelings for each other. Their own little-boy cocks were reality teen porn xxx still three quarters stiff, but S. Lopez told them no more sex yet, they were to shower and go down for breakfast. Leonel teen porn xxxxxx paused, "I must have a drink, I'm dry from girl teen porn photo so much talking. Would you like a coke or club 17 teen porn something munecito?" "A coke porn hmong teen would be lovely Leonel, and then I want to hear more; but one thing' s worrying me." I was turned on by imaging Leonel and Elias together and I could feel Leonel' s cock was half hard under my bum, but my cock was totally soft, weird! "What's that Paul?" "Your story is turning me on, but my cock's not getting hard!" Leonel chuckled and ruffled my hair. "Don't worry about that now, I'll explain it when I've finished my story, trust me. But I promise you that you'll be back to normal soon. O.K.?" "O.K." I replied, I trusted Leonel implicitly already and felt totally safe and relaxed with him. Then he pushed me and I elkhorn teen porn stood up to let him go over to a fridge in the corner. He returned with a Corona and a coke and sat back down handing me the coke. I took it and sat back on his lap so that his half hard cock was nestled between my arse cheeks. As he drank his Corona I waited for him to continue. End of part eleven. If you have any constructive criticism, or anything you wish to share with me, contact me teen sex and porn at _INSILVA92aol.com_ ( Love Paul. Copyright 2006
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